Monday, July 14, 2008

I feel good on some days, on others I don't

There are days that I feel wonderful & then there are days that I feel really bad. Life has handed me some rough knocks, but life has really given me some wonderful blessings, more blessings than the rough knocks. I must admit that I do get depressed some times, but I pray to God that He removes Satan from my life, Satan that is causing my depression, that was making to forget that God will lift me up and bless me with more blessings than I could ever imagine. I rested all day Saturday, which gave me such energy on Sunday, energy that let me enjoy worshipping God at church with other brothers and sisters. I was able to stay awake and really hear what God wanted me to hear, to hear his message that made me think of how I can change my life that would be a better testimony of God's love and blessings.
I struggle with my back pain daily, but I am learning what triggers my pain & what doesn't. I have started walking my dog in the early morning or late evenings when the air is cooler here in AR, where we can walk safely, enjoying the sounds that God created for us to hear. I get frustrated with my back, the pain, the fear of going to have another surgery-but I must put my trust in God, allowing God to get rid of my pain, fears, replacing it with hope & peace that only He can give-that only He will bless me with.
I must remember that Psalms 119 deals with our hurts, struggles, & joy that God gives or takes away. I must change my life, my attitude by doing these things:
  1. Commit to READ the scriptures through BIBLE READING, FASTING called to do so, because of the situation. Right now our family is going through a situation that has torn our family apart-one that only God has control over. I decided to do a liquid fasting for a while, praying, believing God's word, worshipping God's creations daily, letting God give me His peace in my heart.
  2. Hear God in the scriptures-that is not just reading the scriptures but really read them, letting the scriptures speak to me, transforming my life daily.
  3. Submit to the authority of GOD, the BIBLE, SCRIPTURES, because it is authorized by God.

I asked my self and I ask you, when is the last time I (you) significantly change or adjusted myself after reading the scriptures of the Bible, letting them really speak to me as I read them. God said in the Bible, 'Be still and know I am God'. I must ask myself, as you should, when was the last time I did so. Gods' Blessing today & in the days to come.

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AllyJo said...

I'm going to read Psalm 119 right now.